Wine Storage and Refrigeration

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur collector or a connoisseur… the right wine storage cooler is a must. If you keep wine around the house, then you need to make sure that your wines are stored at the correct temperature so that they age properly and maintain their body and flavor. You don’t want to open that bottle you’ve been saving for months on end, only to find it has turned into vinegar!

So you know that you need one… but how do you know which one to choose, or why you should choose it? Here’s 5 tips that will help you pick the wine fridge that is best for you:

1. How much wine do you want to store?

If you generally have 10 or fewer bottles lying around at once, there’s no point in buying the biggest storage cooler. Figure out how many bottles you’ll likely store at one time, and choose a storage cooler that allows for between 5-10 bottles over that amount.2. How much space do you have?

If you plan to store a large amount, then you’ll need the space! If you plan to store a relatively small amount, in your kitchen perhaps, then you need to determine how much space you can allocate to your wine fridge, especially if you plan to place it within your existing cabinets. Measure twice!

3. How much noise can you stand?

All fridges will make some noise, but if you intend to keep it in or near a room you use frequently then make sure it has a quiet operation. Even if you’re installing a basement model, you still want to ensure that you won’t hear it rumbling when you’re upstairs.

4. What sort of cooling system do you need?

Wine storage coolers can either have a twin cooling system or pre-set temperature controls. For most people, pre-set controls are all you’ll need. If you’re intending to store a large amount of wine, a collection perhaps, then a twin cooling system is a better option as it allows you to set two different temperatures in two different sections of the cooler. Regardless, make sure your cooler has an auto-defrost feature to keep your vintages frost-free.

5. How energy efficient is it?

Energy efficiency ratings go from ‘A’ to ‘G’. A rating of ‘A’ means that this model has the highest energy efficiency. Because your wine storage cooler will be constantly running, choosing a high efficiency model will keep your electric bills down.

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Never leave sensitive renovations like this to chance unless you are trained and know local municipal code requirements for piping and refrigeration settings in your area.

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